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I'm a 49 y.o. Mom of 3 of the greatest kids I know...(Don't all Mom's say  I've been crafting with and collecting textiles for about 20 years or so.   I've had a wide variety of careers including owning 3 of My own business to drive a cab.  My last venture was a Nurses Aide.  I injuried Myself pretty good and ended with torn nerves on the left side of neck, arm and hand(I'm left-handed).  Continuing to quilt, needlepoint and crocheting, I've been able to prolong the effects of the nerve damage.  Thanks in large to web-sites like this that don't let your imagination and creativity sit idle.  I've loved this magazine for some time and have saved every issue.  I hope anyone else with a disability can see  how continuing to do the crafts You love might have a healing effect on them and others.  I pray others can benefit as I have from this wonderful magazine in many more ways than one.  God Bless, Anita