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  • "Figure#2/Red House"

    20x14" 2010 This is the second of my new figurative series. It was recently juried into the 2010 National Small Quilt Works Exhibition at theMain Street Gallery in Groton, NY and will be on display July 24-Sept.4, 2010. I used many techniques including...
  • "It looks like the ocean"

    Twisted and knotted DMC embroidery floss, metallic fibres, beads on a papiermache'd cardboard box - painted with acrylic paints and acrylic mediums added for texture.
  • "Whats up next Honey ?"

    These native birds to NZ are called Kotare (Maori name) or Kingfishers, they hang around our property mostly during the winter months when we have a lot of water lying around. I watched these 2 birds for at least half an hour as they flitted around the...
  • “Garden Base” by Jude Hill

    Above (detail below): “Garden Base” • 14" x 12" • This piece Is a combination of hand-dyed silk gauze by Glennis Dolce and recycled silk kimono. It is going to be the center panel of a larger garden quilt. Jude Hill shares...
  • “Life's Ebb” by Diane Marie Chaudiere

    “Life’s Ebb” • 16" x 22" x 1 ½ " “The birth of a continent: violent rips in the land, exposing crevasses of a volcanic past.” (detail below) In the Artist Profile on page 40 of the April/May 2010...
  • 6 Keys to Metallic Thread Success in Your Fabric Art

    I love the sparkle and shine metallic thread gives to my fabric art, but the hassles--shredding, the curling, the broken threads--give me such a headache. I always approach metallic threads with trepidation, and I could swear the spool can smell my fear...
  • Ana Buzzalino of Calgary, Canada

    "Calla Lilies," Ana's submission for our Quilting Arts 2010 Calendar Contest.
    by Pokey
  • Artfabrik

    Artfabrik is the name of my dye company as well as this colorful quilt.
  • Birch tree free motion filler

    I took Leah Day's challenge to create a filler pattern. Since I have a yard full of birch trees, it was the natural choice for inspiration!
  • Brain Pan

    A dimensional form, Brain Pan is a play on words----the shape and the subject. Part of my "Artist's Body" series, hand dyed fabrics, copper, beading, cutwork and needlelace, hand and machine worked. 7x7x3"
    by arlee
  • close up of tiger

    by cindyo1
  • Countdown is on! Quilting Arts in Stitches!

    Our new eMag, Quilting Arts in Stitches will go live on Monday! We are very excited about this new venture and hope you enjoy it. When you've had a chance to look through it, we'd love to hear your thoughts!
    by Pokey
  • Daniel Farr

    Having played a lion in a high school musical Dan-d-lion came right to mind. Using a modified photo transfer of a self portrait I layered stitching and various media (beads, yarn, wire, paper, etc) to transform myself into a lion. If you look closely...
    by Pokey
  • detail of A Murder of Crows

    This is a detail photo of the just finished A Murder of Crows quilt. No actual crows were harmed in any way. Actually a 'murder' is the term for a group or flock of crows. The finished size is 27 x21" Cotton fabric, batting. DMC embroidery...
  • Does Mess Equal Stress, or Creativity?

    Tell me, does a messy studio stress you out, or is it a sign of a creative mind at work? Can you create better with everything out in the open and available, or when you have everything unneccessary to the task at hand put away, with clean open spaces...
  • Dyed Cotton Batting- Oranges!

    More dyed batting from this morning.
  • Ephemera Dilemma Solved

    Hi everyone, In this episode of In the Studio with Cate, we address an email from Betty Anderson, who writes: I have tons of clippings/old mags/postcards/etc/etc/etc I'd love to see an article on organizing the small pieces of paper that are to integral...
  • Fabric Art Decorative Bowl

    Made from leftover hand painted fabrics and commercial cottons. Free motion quilted on thick fusible stabilizer.
  • Fabric Vessel

    Fabric vessel using felt, silk fabric and cording, leaves have been added using Shiva paintstiks- making stencils. They were leaves from trees in my garden.
  • Fenced In

    This is a journal piece and was really fun to make. Not to sure if you are on the inside or out side the fence.
  • Fissure

    My first attempt at a completely abstract design, a sort of "Just Do It!" It's about 8" x 10" and dictated to me as it was being formed. I had absolutely no idea where we would end up together but I like it!
    by Polly41
  • Hip Bone is Connected to the Leg Bone

    This was a gift to my orthopedic surgeon who did my hip replacement last summer. He loved it.
  • Impressionistic Style Art Quilt

    This is a technique called " Impressionistic Style Art Quilting " which I learned in a class with Ann Loveless. This particular technique could be used for any sort of landscape, but now I've also adapted it to other types of designs as...
  • In the Studio with Cate

    by Pokey
  • Ink Quilting Project

    This piece was an experiment in which I traced the pattern on a light table to a piece of natural muslin. I also used the same muslin for the backing and a piece of fleece as my batting. Some doubted that I would be able to quilt the design as it was...
  • Into The Mystic

    The "rocks" (ovals) are made from non woven interfacing that I transfered dye onto using disperse powder dyes. You paint on paper and iron your design onto a man made fabric for bright saturated color. . The edges were left raw and I sewed around...
  • Jackie Cardy’s retro-inspired stitch samplers

    Inspired by the vase paintings of the ancient world; Celtic design; the jewelry, mosaics, and enamels of the Byzantine world; and the works of artist Gustav Klimt, Jackie Cardy has created samplers, purses, and brooches from dyed silk velvet, fibers,...
  • Jill's stitched paper collage detail

    Free machining embellishments onto stitched paper collage
  • journal page, inspiration for stamp making

    I'm doing Melanie Testa's "inspired to quilt, video prompt challenges' and this is my first step in creating personal marks, probably to create stamps. I traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico in 2004 and kept a journal of notes, drawings and photos...
  • Meg Fowler of Zirconia, NC

    Meg's submission to our 2010 Quilting Arts "Fresh Picked" Calendar Contest.
    by Pokey
  • metal and fiber basket

    Refrigerator tubing with Tyvek, fabric beads and woven fibers. This was an experiment with leftovers from other projects.
    by Barbm12
  • mixed-media mushrooms by leilani

    wee chic 'shrooms made from wine corks and paper fabric... ;)
  • Online Extras

  • Rare Bloom

    Free machine embroidered on soluble then moulded, beads added.
    by LindaL4
  • Texture Tips To Improve Your Art Quilts - Free Download

    Is there such a thing as too much texture? I don't think so! Texture is what we art quilters are all about. Texture is what excites the quilt artist and it's what entices the art quilt viewer to come up and take a closer look. Plus, adding more...
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