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My Bio

Quilting is my way of expressing my views to the world at large. I am in love with fabric and color. Color excites my senses and my imagination. Stroking beautiful folds of fabric creates images in my mind that demand to be answered. Exploring my world through images on fabric satisfies my inner self. I  am happiest when in my studio surrounded by vivd piles of colorful fabric, threads and my sewing machines.

I am just getting back into serious quilting after a hiatus of eight years. I had health issues, then my mother was diagnosed with cancer also as I was getting well. I upended my household and left the coast I love to relocate in southwest Missouri and help my mother. I am so excited to be back creating and doing the work I love to do.

I like traveling, kayaking, and meeting new people. Most of all I like to immerse myself in life and create quilts from those experiences.