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  • "In the Garden of the Silvery Marshes"

    I don't use a lot of silver in my art work or in the jewelry that I wear, as I think that gold colors go better with my skin tone and hair color. In the mid 90s, the popular book "Color Me Beautiful" came out and there were various in home...
  • "Laughter"

    The titles and images for my quilts come from various sources. Sometimes, I have the image first, sometimes I have the title first, and often, I'm playing with fabrics, start on the piece, and then the title comes to me. The name and image for this...
  • "Undersea Garden - Blue"

    I'm enclosing some pics that I've been uploading to my blog and Fiber Fantasies Facebook page that didn't make it on my web site. This tiny piece, 13.5"W x 14"T, has a multitude of shiny buttons and beads to simulate bubbles and...
  • A Sea Tossed Ship with The Kraken Lurking.

    This is a companion to the other piece, jelly fish in love. This one was comissioned by the same lady, She said I want a Kraken! Well I wasn't sure what it was. But had a fun time creating the Kracken!
  • A Sea Tossed Ship with The Kraken Lurking.

    This is a companion to the other piece, jelly fih in love. This one was comissioned by the same lady, She said I want a Kraken! Well I wasn't sure what it was. But had a fun time creating the Kracken! In working on this art quilt I was imagioning...
  • 'A Summers Day' Quilted silk batik

    This was a moment I captured from my garden. It is a quilted silk batik with individually made Buddleia flowers and machine embroidered butterflies with some applied paint to the background.
  • A Very Merry My Sweet Prairie - fibre art snowglobe!

    I can't stop giggling over this one! heheh! I made many of them, and they are so fun so shake! Inside are my 2x3 " quilted & thread painted landscapes of the prairies. ~Monika K. http://www.mysweetprairie.blogspot.com
  • Abstract kites in a purple sky

    I hand painted the silk back gound fabric.and liked the unusal design and colors. I appliqued the "kites"using some commersial fabrics.. The quiltig was donein the abstract motif od the silk sky, a unconventional approach.I love the color combination...
  • Applique Sunflowers, Sunset

    This is an original hand painted silk appliqued art quilt. The sunflowers & the petals were all individually painted and then appliqued onto the quilt. I used thread painting to add further details. Machine free motion quilting was used to create...
  • ATC - "Find A Happy Place"

    This little ATC is also a home for my first inchie. ATCs are new for me and I really enjoy making them. They are such a great way to try out little things.
  • Bald Eagle

    Made by Diana Bracy for LOAQ Black & White & one more color challenge. Diana used a variety of black and white fabrics for her fused applique. When I received it I added the borders and made the feathers from fabric to add to her wonderful creation...
  • Bell's Point

    I used a sheer fabric for the waves at the shore and scrunched it then quilted over it.
    by calna
  • 'Blue Confusion' Quilted silk batik

    On the theme of seed heads this is a silk batik, quilted and beads and stamens added.
  • Blue Snow Cone

    'Blue Snow Cone' was inspired by a favorite photo of my 3 young boys at an amusement park sharing a snow cone. This quilt was hand pieced and machine quilted and measures 32 1/2" x 24". I emphasized the snow cone using bright blue fabrics...
  • Calla Lily

    Fused fabric applique and threadpainted Calla Lily.
  • Campbell's Covered Bridge Landscape Quilt

    A wall hanging I made based on a photo of a local historic site, Campbell's Covered Bridge two autumn's ago. The structure is made of various commercial fabrics fused in place and enhanced with fabric paint and stitching. The autumn leaves are...
  • Captivated by Maria Elkins

  • Catching Butterflies

    Made by Brenda Crisci for the LOAQ Summer Quilt Challenge in 2011. It uses four fabrics that were sent to her, then she could add two others. The dress is from an apple fabric. I am the very proud recipient of this great piece. It incorporates fused applique...
  • Damsel Dragonfly

    Made for a Black & White & one more color challenge. Background fabric is woven. Dragonfly body/tail and wings are thread work, only attached to quilt with the upper body. Dragonfly inchie attached on lower left of picture.
  • Dreamscape

    This piece, "Dreamscape" © 2002 - (41"W x 38"T x 1"D or 104 cm x 97cm x 2.54cm), is based on a dream that I had. Ever since I was a child, I have had fantastic flashes of images, usually in that in between state of sleep...
  • Dreamy Butterfly

    Painted innerfacing, painted fusible web, lutradur butterfly, added flower and leaf drawings, alittle acrylic paint, then stitched onto a black piece of eco-friendly felt. I love this felt. It is made from recycled plastic bottles. It is a lot stiffer...
    by Judy709
  • Fabric Mosaic Racism Love and Understanding Conquers It

    This fabric mosiac was made using small pieces of fabrics fused to a background. The quilt was quilted by Linda Gillett of Edison, Nebraska. It has been traveling around the country in an exhibition by FiberArtists of Hope. It is now showing in Pennsylvanis...
  • Fall I

    These are so much fun to make!
  • Fall II

    I am in 'full throttle' fun making a slew of what I call WILD Flowers. Thread created flowers, free motion embroidery leaves, laundry cording wrapped in fabric strips on quilted background of organic (sagebrush) hand dyed fabric, mounted on stretched...
  • Flamenco dancer

    This is my first quilt. I got the inspiration on the salsa course. I wish I could dance...
  • Flax at Jackfish Lake, 2011

    This is where my mom lives. I can't wait for her to see this! Last summer the whole field between the highway and the lake was blooming with blue flax! Threadpainted and many many many french knots. : ) 6x8"
  • Flourish, 2011 6x8 thread painting

    This took sooo long to finish. One more stitch. Okay one more stitch... and on and on. Finally it's done and in a stunning old grey barnwood frame. Free motion stitched and freestyle hand embroidery. 6x8 inches. ~Monika K. http://www.mysweetprairie...
  • Full Curl

    Full Curl Quilt Portrait 13 x 19 inches. Created from my original photography with Neocolor II Watersoluble Wax Crayons, machine Quilted, cord bound edge treatment. Watch me work on this quilt on my blog: http://luannkessi.blogspot.com/
  • Jelly fish in love

    This is one of several pieces commissioned by a very nice customer. She liked underwater scenes and I happen to love jellyfish as well. I had so much fun making this. I used peicing, silk painting, applique and thread work , as in the red staghorn coral...
  • Just 'Cuz I Looooove Batik!

    haphazardly-pieced and vaguely "log cabin" quilt, approx. 3' x 4', using only batiks I have this....Thing +++ for batiks!! Aaaaany and alllllll batiks!! I 've often used a piece or several pieces of this batik or that in a quilt...
  • Kavi

    This was done for a friend. It is her grandson having fun by the lake.
  • Landscape quilt of Sunset at Deception Pass

    The sky is pieced with diamonds, fussy cut especially for their color. A couple hundred of them. The water, cliffs and boat are all hand appliqued. This piece is called going home and was made for a 85 year old friend who loved to sail in his day. close...
  • Life's Journey

    Following the life of a Mourning Cloak Butterfly from eggs to caterpillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly. Pieced and fused applique trees. Butterflies done in 3-D, using fabric, paint and thread painting.
  • Mixed Media Post Card

    I love playing with lots of different fibers and metal together and making ATC/Post Cards is my favorite way to try out new techniques/combinations. I've just started playing with this sheet copper. It's so fun to see what happens when you heat...
  • Mola Decorative Pillows

    Here are some new and fresh ideas that will inspire you to create beautiful, brightly colored and unique craft/sewing projects. I hope you will share some small part of my passion for the Kuna Indians through their Textiles, Mola items and other Crafts...
  • Mola Quilted Purses

    I love being creative but sharing with others is more satisfying. Molas or Molitas can be easily incorporated on any purse, clothing, jean jacket, pillows, quilts,bedspread, etc. All purses has roomier interior, full zippered top, 2 slip pockets outside...
  • Mola Tote Bag

    Mola Tote Bag: Go fashion and in style with this beautiful large tote bag in black color, depicting a bird mola in handmade applique, versatil and practical, close with a zipper, one slip pocket for better organization. Size 16" x 13", strap...
  • Moss Rose

    From a photo taken near the Oregon Coast I created this art quilt using fused applique, stitching and beads.
  • Ready or not...

    ...here I come! Made for the first challenge theme of "Games" in an online group I'm in - Tangled Textiles (http://tangledtextiles.blogspot.com/). This piece includes fabric painting, stamping, applique, quilting, thread painting and some...
  • Roxie

    The owner of this English Springer Spaniel had posted a picture of her on a mutual Facebook page and I was intrigued by the soulful expression in Roxie's eyes as well as her beautiful coloring. I asked for permission to do an art quilt of her and...
    by carolaz
  • Rythyms of Africa

    This is one of my very latest art works reflecting the spirit of dance which wa s an auction piece to help raise money for the Project Hope event organised by the American sewing Guild to help 'Font of Mercy' which is a charitable organization...
  • Secret of the White Elephants

    This idea started as a group challenge with my on-line quilt group, using only black, white, and one color fabric. I pulled a few fabrics from my black and white fabric stash, and wondered what I'd do for the one color. I had purchased the orange...
  • Sheer Whim

    This is an experimental piece that I just finished.
  • Silk and lace

    small work with laces, scrim and silk carrier rods
  • Skittle Skedaddle

    this little quilt has 500 pieces in a 25"x27" handworked quilt and the hardest part was making it fit the frame :) I picked the fabrics for small prints and had to pick ten differant ones and try to imagine what they would do when swirled around...
  • sparta barn

    by sgarcia
  • Summer

    30" x 50" Raw edge applique, commercial and hand painted fabric. Synthetics, cotton, sheers, beads. This piece has many layers to acheive the look of dense foliage that I was after.
    by Jaynie
  • The Blues of Green

    The quilt is a mixture of my photos printed on cotton and organza. The organza pieces are sewn down over the cotton photos and background material. I highlighted some of the trees with thread painting. This was an experiment in doing a collage. The size...
  • The Pink Tree

    It's 1962, and five year old Lucy can't believe her eyes. Crazy Aunt Myrtle has a pink Christmas tree. Lucy asks her Daddy, "Where do pink Christmas trees come from?" From way up high on snowy mountain tops, he tells her. They're...
  • The Woods before Dark

    The finished version of one I had posted earlier. The photo's a bit off but ... Picture was an inspiration from "The Art of Landscape Quilting". Thanks to Nancy and Natalie! and I had always wanted to put some birchs trees in a landscape...
    by Shegirl
  • Three Poppy Postcards (swapped)

    4x6 each, quilted poppy postcards that I made on November 11th. The batik petals are threadpainted with crimson rayon and really pretty upclose. Free motion stitched fabric and a little glue. ~Monika
  • Uncle Jack

    'Uncle Jack' was inspired by a photo of my uncle, Jack Leary who is an amazing artist. This quilt measures 12" x 9 1/2". The pieces are fused and I used a small zigzag stitch around each piece. I also used free-motion quilting. Thanks...
  • Under The Gibbous Moon

    This is the second quiltlet built with the fun thread flowers.
  • When Mom's Away... it's a bad dog day!

    . Created this for an underwear quilt challenge at Quilter's Combo in Madison, AL in 2010. This is a tribute to our family dogs over the last 27 years. They could stir up mischief and also warm our hearts! Dog applique pattern is from Java House quilts...
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