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61 years old
Santa Cruz Mountains

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I have tried many mediums, however always return to fabric, yarn, thread or any other textile, in additon to nature's gifts. As a former cloth doll designer, I have worked primarily with smaller designs and prefer tiny or miniature to massive. I have an overactive mind and sometimes, no time to create and that drives me nuts, so I keep journals. 

My work is on my little websites on Word Press and on Artful Visions. I learn by doing, thus I am primarily self-taught, which allows me to have thousands of teachers in life. 

I live off the beaten path, in the mountains, with my, most precious canine son, Jack the Wonder Mountain Dog and Psycho Kitty, Lily, and my long term partner and b/f in life, a very Irish Man. 

I garden, hike, read, cook and do many, many things in life, limited these days mostly to where I live. My friends are spread out across the country and I maintain a small, loyal circle. I have one son, currently studying overseas, after four years as an Army Ranger and family in New York and Washington. My dad is another source of happiness in life. He retired in Washington, just turned 81 and is in better shape than most young people I know. We believe he will outlive all of us. His motto in life is to 'Keep It Simple'.