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42 years old
  • “Postcard from _______” Challenge Results, Dec. 2007/Jan. 2008

  • Art Quilt Design: Strategies for Success with Carol Taylor

    Learn how to work with textured fabrics of all kinds to create wall hangings—while balancing color, size, and value to make your design flow smoothly from light to dark, as in so many of Carol’s award-winning quilts. Fused assembly makes the...
  • Bedtime

    This quilt was started some time ago. Once I got to the quilting part I stalled. Yesterday I finished it. This is machine pieced and machine quilted, there is no fusing in the quilt. I had trouble with the binding and was wondering why it was not going...
  • Creating Figures in Fabric: Additional step outs of Leni Wiener's work

    Leni Wiener described her technique for transforming photographs into art quilts in “Creating Figures in Fabric,” on page 14 of the February/March 2010 issue of Quilting Arts . Here’s an example of how she created another one of the...
  • DayLilies

    This quilt was inspired by the flowers in my garden. I used commercial fabrics for the background and hand-dyed fabrics for the flowers. I tried painting with dyes, which I had never done before and it was a challange. After several tries I got the results...
  • Demystifying Thermofax Screen printing

    Learn what images work best, how to burn and tape a screen, and the basics of printing with these screens. You can do everything from adding imagery to commercial fabric to creating your own fabric and one-of-a-kind art pieces. You'll also learn how...
    by Pokey
  • Drawn to Pen and Ink: Imagery for Art Quilts

    Think you can't draw? Following these easy steps you can turn your own images into drawings on fabric and make any project truly personal. This Workshop will show you how to create your own designs from images and includes simple pen and ink technique...
    by Pokey
  • Fabric Journaling with Elin Waterston

    Create fiber art journal pages using various art quilting methods and materials. Incorporate photo transfers, printed and stamped images, mixed-media collaging techniques, and free-motion stitching to build pages. Learn how to construct your pages either...
    by Pokey
  • Golden Hand

    This 4x6" was created in trade for a pair of long, red, knit fingerless mittens. I was so thrilled to be asked to trade artwork! Probably made this piece 6 years ago.
    by MellyT
  • Harbinger's Hope

  • Home Planet

    "Home Planet" was chosen for the 2009 Quilting Arts Calendar and is featured for the month of April.
  • I Dreamed I lived on a Sea Turtles Back

    19 x22 inches. Painted background. Embroidered Original design with glass beads and tulle. Hand quilted.
  • In This House - Welcome

    In this house we welcome friends remember adventures avoid housework nurture dreams celebrate miracles scorch pans laugh at absurdities procrastinate regularly dance daily ponder the mysterious As you look inside the window and door of this sweet little...
  • jelly fish are sea dancers...

    5" square, painted background ( from an old cotton sheet) ,white sheer, free thread painting.
  • Mother love in north of France

    This 22nd 5"square in the series for my daughter figures my memory of my first baby and I ,40 years ago in the north of France where we lived till 7 years ago when we decided to go and live in Spain. The statue in the background is the symbol of...
  • Primordial Sea

    Hand dyed silk painted with textile paints, machine quilted, 5' x 7 1/2' To see how this quilt was made go to
  • Seaside Girls

    Another quilt based on the seaside theme for the exhibition in Harding House Gallery Lincoln. This one was inspired by an old photo showing two Edwardian ladies paddling in the sea.
  • Sunflowers Give A Nod

    Sunflowers Give A Nod, Summer has ended, Fall has Begun 100 inches square, Original Design, strip pieced background, raw edge applique, free motion machine quilting on domestic Bernina. Go to my site to follow my progress on this sunflower quilt: http...
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