My Bio

I have quite a history of sewing having been a seamstress, quilter, custom drapery designer, drapery workroom, interior decorator etc!!!

Also, I have a background in Tole and Decorative Painting, Priscilla Hauser accredited teacher. For many years I had a smocking shop "Loving Stitches" where I taught smocking, french hand sewing, shadow embroidery   and also made custom designed smocked children's clothing. Once I was in a total Seminole Patchwork world making beautiful clothing, loved using featherwale corduroy for the nap shaded designs.

My quilting history started in 1983 when my youngest daughter was born. I had a 15yr old son and 13yr old and 4 yr daughters so I was really stuck at home. I loved watching Georgia Bonesteel on PBS, bought her books and still use them today when planning sampler quilts. I quilted for about 5 yrs. then started hand smocking precious little clothes for my girls.

That was all before draperies and a dream job with a high end furniture and accessories store with an interior design studio. I ran the design studio for 8 years then retired in Nov 07.

Since that time I have been back to my old habits!!! Handsewing is no longer possible but I love nothing more than cutting up fabrics and putting them back together.

I do not hand quilt anymore but choose to have my pieces machine quilted. For me, at this time, machine quilting is great because I can let the grandchildren put all the quilts on the floor and play and not worry over each stitch.

My latest achievement is a Journey through the Land of Oz, using the fabrics from Quilting Treasures. There are 6 collections in total with 4 being current and two forthcoming.

I started last Oct making a Wizard of OZ quilt for my youngest daughter Kayla, her favorite movie of all time. Her husband sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" to her as a surprise at their wedding in 06. So when I first discovered the fabrics at Oklahoma Quilt Works in Oklahoma City I bought all I needed for her quilt for a Christmas gift.

With the leftovers and additional purchases I also made 2 more for my grand daughters ages 10 and 6 mos old for Christmas.Not to leave out my grandson age 15

 I made him and Oklahoma State University ( his Dad's alma mater ) quilt for college football games.

After the quilting frenzy from Oct thru Christmas I felt a little sad that I did not have a Wizard of OZ quilt for myself! So began a quilt from each collection just for Mimi. By the end of April I had finished my collection and now have fabrics from the next group on reserve coming out in July. The last group will come out in 2010.

My most recent work has been another Oz quilt for  3yr old grandson and an all blue and white sampler for my sister who loves all things blue. Both of these are at the machine quilters now and I am anxiously awaiting them to be back in my hands for binding.

Of course another is being planned, for my oldest daughter. An heirloom quilt using blocks made by my mother inlaw in the early 1940's. After she died we found the blocks tucked safely away. There are 6 dresden plates with her best friends names and embroidered flowers in the center of each. I have purchased reproduction fabrics from that era to use with her precious blocks.

Everyones work that I have seen is so inspirational. Thanks for all the sharing.






  • 22 Jun 2009
  • Quilting Friends

    I have my first friend on Quilting Arts!!! Okie Linda thanks for responding to my comments on your exquisite quilt works.


    Duncan, Oklahoma