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I was a textile print stylist for many years in the NYC fabric business (which means I got to select the designs and colors for a line of about 200 patterns every season and go to the mill and oversee their printing.) I "retired" from the fabric business when my daughter was born, and moved into newspaper layout design after she went to kindergarten. I am now working for a hospital doing both writing and layout design for their in-house magazine and publications, which I love. I picked up my first issue of Quilting Arts in the fall of 2006 while I was browsing in a Borders bookshop, passing the time while my teenage daughter shopped. I thought I died and went to heaven when I realized that there was a whole world of people who love what I love! One thing led to another and I joined a couple Art2Mail groups, some yahoo groups, had some articles and artwork published and got hooked up with ArtOmat. I pretty much live and breathe art quilting and love to experiment with new materials and techniques. I am a mixed media artist mostly; I love to paint, sew, weave, draw and pretty much will try any art form and combine any techniques. My newest love it needle felting.