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How to vote for the Bernina "Stitch This" Challenge

Step 1: You will need to register with the free website (red button at the top right).
Step 2: View and vote for multiple quilts by clinking HERE
Step 3: Click on the quilt you wish to vote for.
btw... (shameless plug here... this is a link to my quilt)
Step 4: The vote button will NOW show up in a tan box on the right of the large photo (located in the brown box).
Step 4: Please view and vote for multiple quilts to encourage the artist and show appreciation of their artwork.
This is a wonderful display of how many artist interpret an image.
We all started with the swan shown at the bottom of the contest instruction page.
I hope these voting instructions a help.
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I mention in my entry to the "Stitch This" challenge (called Count Your Blessings) that it was sewn with my 24-year-old Bernina 930.

I purchased my very first sewing machine when I was 17 using my own money I had earned from picking strawberries and beans in Washington (starting at age 10) and then working as a busgirl in Alameda. I had worked hard and my parents encouraged me to buy a sewing machine since I was always sewing when not working. Sure, I went to high school parties, but sewing my first quilt took priority also.

Later, when my first child, Daniel, was born, my mother-in-law encouraged me to buy a new machine because I would soon be busy making baby clothes and accessories for the crib. She insisted that I buy the Bernina 930. Price-wise this was out of my budget. But, I trusted her when she said it wouid last forever.

She was right. Now, 24 years later, my Bernina 930 is great. Every time I take it to a quilt retreat or class ladies come up and admire it. I had no idea it was such a jewel.

So, whenever a friend asks what kind of machine to buy, I always tell them Bernina.

I am hoping to get enough votes to win the the Bernina Aurora 440QE in the "Stitch This" contest. It has a special draw for me as I am transitioning into a new phase of life. Daniel is getting married and I am about to make his new bride a wedding quilt. Someday, I will also make little baby clothes for them, hopefully with a new machine.


If you've seen my entry "Count Your Blessings - Lori Wisheropp" you'll understand the love and reasoning behind the slogan on the quilt. I truly have been blessed.


  • 7 Jun 2010
  • My Peacock Quilt Printed in QA

    Inner Animal Challenge
    I'm so excited! Look at the June/July issue to see my Peacock quilt it in print. I used my hand and fingerprints to create the background for the peacock's feathers.

  • 21 May 2010
  • Lake Tahoe Quit Retreat

    Have you every been able to disappear for 5 days to do nothing but quilt (or nurture yourself as needed). I'll be in Lake Tahoe doing just that. Many quilt shops and guilds in Sacramento set up these get-aways. My favorite is sponsored by Bearpaws and Hollyhocks.

    I'll be working on the wedding quilt and hopefully finishing the latest art quilt assignment.