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Wichita Falls

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Francine Miller, thephotoquilter.  I have been quilting 10 years.  I love the designing and quilting.   I love doing animal quilts and always looking for new tips and techniques.   It is hard, though, sometimes I spend more time on the computer than quilting.  I need more discipline.  I have been a teacher forever.  It feels like a hundred years.  I have taught in AZ, TX, MT, Guam, HI, Portugal and Moscow.  However, the past 3 years, I have sponsored a quilt club for 10-14 year old boys and girls.   I just love to teach and share my passion with others.  You can see me at  :


  • 11 Jul 2012
  • Francine Miller, has been teaching and quilting ten years.  ThePhotoQuilter would like to thank Pokey and her staff for driving the current quilt market.  Through videos, quilting daily, and Quilting Arts, I can now say I am proud to be a quilter.

    See my webpage and with every click , I say thanks to all of you from my heart.