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  • Asabone

    Asabone in Ghana means wild dancing and is the name for this art quilt I created because of how my two dancers have let themselves go wild while dancing, while the men play the drums, this is a very common way of entertaining in most African villages...
  • Diane Marie Chaudiere of Woodinville, WA

    Diane's submission to our Quilting Arts 2010 "Fresh Picked" Calendar contest.
    by Pokey
  • Kpanlogo

    In Africa people celebrate by drumming and dancing in open air which is a very common practice. Kpanlogo is a native dance by the Ga's of Accra which is the capital city of Ghana. This is such a soul unleashing dance that most people find themselves...
  • Let Out Your Inner Animal

  • Panda Perfect Day

    Remember those days when you were so tired but delighted with that little toddler. I love Panda's. It was a joy to create this natural habit and pool for them to rest at. All hand applique with hundreds of tiny pieces collaged together. Machine quilted...
  • Quilting Arts Challenges

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