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81 years old
Oakland Park

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My interest in quilting began a few years ago when we retired and moved to Florida.  Our retirement home was smaller than the one we previously had in Upstate New York so I didn't have the same amount of room for the crafts in which I had been engaged.


In the past I had occasionally attended quilting classes; you could say I was ready to go.  I started experimenting with many types of quilting trying to find a technique that was right for me.  I finally found one that really appealed to me; hence my landscape series showing the lines and curves found in nature.  This type of off-the-wall quilt displays a variety of abstract landscapes using a myriad of colors.  After piecing, the real fun begins: adding dimension by quilting the layers together - though traditional - but using a free motion process.  It reminds me of drawing on the quilt with a needle and thread.  This makes for a strong visual impact for these off-the-wall quilts.

All of my pieces are one-of-a-kind.  I never get tired of experimenting with the endless combinations of vibrant colors, strong shapes, and multiple textures.  That's what keeps the ideas coming and that's what keeps it alive and exciting for me and hopefully for those who purchase my work.

A co-op gallery of which I'm a member has asked me to go bigger - minimum of 40" in any one direction.  I'm going to give it a try and see what happens.

Quilting is a passion I'm lucky to have.




  • 11 Nov 2012
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    In addition to being a member of Florida CraftArt, I'm proud to say I'm an associate member of SAQA.  I'm also a member of Arts United, ArtServe, and the Broward Art Guild.