My Bio

I'm a suburban mom, I make fiber art. I'm still discovering what I can do!!

I think I've creatively 'grown up' with Quilting Arts!! An artist friend introduced me around issue 4 and I've avidly absorbed everything since. And Cloth Paper Scissors. And Studios. Gotta' love Interweave's Fiberarts too!!

I play with techniques and try the challenges. I take art classes at the local college and art school. I'm involved with the local weaver's guild. Gradually I'm figuring out how to FOCUS!! and actually complete things. Squeezing creativity into everyday SOMEHOW. Organization has helped (thanks STUDIOS) - and a bit of self-discipline.

I'm excited to do more - and love to see how others work and their process of creating. I dream of the day when I can travel to one of the 'big' quilting shows and come away buzzing with more  ideas, enthusiasm and the fun of being around creative people.

 I blog here  www.blissfullyimperfect.blogspot.com

I share pictures here www.flickr.com/photos/jckirner