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Hi, I'm Mary Posuniak.  I have been






































































Hi I am M  ary , I have been sewing since I was 8 years old; and quilting since 1992,when I bought a new sewing machine and was afraid to use it! I thought Make aQu ilt it is all straight stitching.  I made my first quilt top using a Quilt in a Day booklet, monthes latter I took a class at a little shop that no longer is there [I'msorry to say] to learn how to but this quilt top together into a quilt. the owner said First I should take this quilting 101 class, It changed the way I sewed and made me a quilter for life! Thanks Dian!It has been many years and many quilts since then I have recently retired and cannot wait to spend more time doing what I love and learning new things.