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28 years old
  • Attention Wild Things! Latest QA Reader Challenge Announced!

    One thing our editorial team loves to do is devise reader challenges, and usually during the brainstorming sessions, there is a lot of laughter around the conference table. This next reader challenge is no exception. I confess this one is of a personal...
    by Pokey
  • International Quilt Festival/ Houston Recap!

    Brace yourselves! I think I'm about to set a world record in the Blogosphere for the number of photos in a single blog entry. I took nearly 250 shots at International Quilt Festival/Houston, but I cut the lot down to 49. (The ones I don’t post...
    by Pokey
  • Re: Free motion quilting + wine?

    hi pippa being as i am not allowed to drink alcohol- i don't know if that helps or not. but there are some things to think about to make the quilting easier. obviously, working on a smaller piece is easier - to support and move underte machine. make...
  • Re: Help! My 2010 surface design resolution

    I am a technique junkie. What I am doing this year is a technique quilt. I am taking what I have learned from working with paper and fabric and putting it on 6" blocks. I have been trying to do this weekly. Whenever I do something, I put it on my...
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