68 years old

My Bio

I have been doing creative things ever since I was a little girl.  I painted with acrylics for several years, then got into fiber arts in the late 80's.  In 1998 I started tie-dyeing clothing, and have been doing that ever since.  Then in 2007, I took a class from Melly Testa to learn a number of surface design techniques, and my life changed forever!  I did my first art quilt later that year, have been involved in some 'round robin' fabric exchanges, then retired last year so I could really have fun!  I subscribed to Quilting Arts magazine 2 years ago, and can't believe how inspired I get every time I open up an issue!  Life is short... I need to cram in all the fiber arts fun I can!

Here are pix of a few of my art quilts:

I made this from a couple of pieces of fabric I made during a 'play date' with a group of Melly's students.  I had no idea what I would end up with, but decided it looked like a 'Sea Pear', a cousin of the sea cucumber...   the fabric was dyed, and discharged using stamps and spray.  Then I hand-stitched, fused and hand quilted.  Beads and vintage lace edging were added to enhance the design.

This was my first art quilt, and I used hand and commercial dyed fabrics.  I used a photograph of leaves that had fallen on a lake as my inspiration.  I fused the leaves on the backing, then used free-motion quilting to add the details of the leaves.

This is one of a series of fabric postcards I did using hand dyed fabric, eyelash yarn, silk ribbon and beads.  I started with a piece of 12" by 16" fabric, and ended up with 8 cards.  I then framed them, some individually, a few in  frames large enough for two cards.  I fused the fabric onto pellon, attached the yarn by couching, stitched the ribbon, then added the beading.  The final touch on this one was to bind the edges with the same ribbon.