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Nuedi!    Welcome!

Rita Smith grew up in Panama.  Her mother taught her how to sew and deep interest grew on her, she has been interested in textiles-fabric arts ever since, the art of sewing has inspired her to appreciate handmade art.  Creativity and learning has always been part of her life.  Rita love the idea of how molas can be incorporated on any quilting project or to embellish clothing, t-shirts, purses, shoes, sandals, wallhangings, pillows,  pot holders, bookcovers, placemats, christmas stockings, and home decor with these applique panels.  She is a fabric-craft addict who love designing unique projects.  Art in one form or another has always played an important part in my family and life.  She comes from a large family where sewing plays an important role, many of them are professionals and spent part of their life sewing as a hobby, others designing.  Her mother who has been there for her,  also taught her the passion and love for the art, culture and traditions of her country.

She spent part of her time quilting, sewing, selling Molas on her website, locally and also participating in different Arts and Craft Shows/Festivals within her area. 

Mola Art and Craft started with a dream of sharing this art from the remote Islands of San Blas through a commitment of supporting the Kuna Indians of San Blas to maintain their history, tranditions and culture.

Through the sales of molas the Kunas seek the means of financial security, a better education for their childrens, health, etc. The Kunas live in small islands with a limited economic opportunities.






Artist Statement

Certainly we don't have to be an Artist to love or appreciate Art, Art has inspired my life, is my every day light, through these Textile Arts I see the beauty, colors and value of my culture.

I have embrace every opportunity I have, to show you the beauty of my country "Panama" with the art that bring such a pleasure to others and myself.

I am a native of Panama and I always being around Molas and other crafts.

My background has been influenced by my culture and by traveling back to my country "Panama". Perhaps, traveling to other countries in Central America and developing appreciation for culture, people and art. 

I always had a desire to communicate with the world through art, to show you the beauty and the colourful textiles that addorn my country - make my culture rich and vibrant.

Creativity and learning has always been part of my life. 

I truly love and appreciate the Kunas intricate indigenous art "The Molas".