Modern Quilting

Modern quilts come out of the modern quilting movement, which puts emphasis on simple, bold, abstract designs with bright colors and contemporary commercial fabrics, often including a large field of unpieced fabric that shows off the quilt stitching. Many modern quilt patterns are abstractions of traditional quilt blocks; these are referred to as modern patchwork.


Birds of a Feather Flock Together: How to Make 4 Flying Geese Units

From precise paper-pieced angles to the tried-and-true HST, triangle quilts are everywhere right now. In her book, Quilting from Every Angle, Nancy Purvis uses blocks featuring three-sided shapes including Flying Geese, Half-Square Triangles, Half-Rectangle Triangles, and more to create graphic modern quilts. Many quilters, whether they prefer traditional or modern quilt design, use the Flying…


Make Your Own Bias Appliqué Strips—It’s Easy!

Have you ever made your own bias appliqué strips? Even though bias tape is widely available in a rainbow of colors, making your bias strips is easy and it gives you absolute control–from finished width to fabric selection. In her new book Lines by Design Quilts, Debbie Grifka shares her technique for making the bias strips…


Modern Patchwork Fall 2016 – Call for Submissions

The Modern Patchwork team is collecting submissions for the Fall 2016 issue of Modern Patchwork and would love to see what you’ve been working on. The fall submission deadline is Monday, April 18, 2016. Items in various design stages are accepted as well as the more final projects. In addition to quilt projects, Modern Patchwork also features interesting,…


Sister Sampler Pillows You Can Quilt in a Day

In her book Sister Sampler Quilts, AnneMarie Chany injects new life into the sampler quilts of old by integrating bold colors, high contrast, minimalism, and expansive areas of negative space. If you aren’t sure about jumping into an entire sampler quilt, try using sister blocks to make a set of pillows you can quilt in a day or two. Get started sewing up a set of Ataraxy & Ataraxy Inverse Envelope Pillows designed by AnneMarie when you download the FREE quilt patterns today!


QuiltCon Magazine 2016

Enjoy beautiful on-trend quilts from QuiltCon West and the Modern Quilt Guild® in QuiltCon 2016 magazine. In addition to 11 modern projects for you and your home, view special exhibits from the pioneers of the modern quilting movement—1970’s visionary, Molly Upton and QuiltCon keynote speaker, Gwen Marston. Order or instantly download your copy of the 2016 issue of QuiltCon Magazine today to receive fresh and inspiring content.…

modern quilt piecing

Modern Quilting Trick: Easy Method for Inserting Fabric Strips

Here’s an easy way to put a modern patchwork twist on simple quilt squares: insert a decorative strip of fabric. This trick, taken from Nancy Purvis’s new book Quilting From Every Angle, is an easy way to achieve the look of improvised piecing so popular in modern quilting. You can add a strip to just…


English Paper Piecing Goes Modern

I have tried hand stitching of all kinds. Anything to do with needles and thread has been in my project basket at one time or another. But every so often I discover something new. Several years ago I was helping a friend clean out her neighbor’s sewing room and we came across a beautiful piece…


Make a Modern Memory Quilt with Ties

So many of our fathers, grandfathers, brothers, and uncles have worn ties to work every day or for special occasions. Trish Bowman makes a memory quilt, using ties in a herringbone pattern, on ‘Quilting Arts TV’ Series 1600. When their tie-wearing days are over, there might be 30 or more ties that we just don’t…