100.000 handstitches

 I hate math but did a little to figure out how many stitches Ive put into this in the last 3 months, and its real close to 100.000 probably more  🙂 it is 9 ft wide and almost 8 ft tall so I guess I wont hear ' why didnt you make it bigger?' at least this time 🙂 She still doesnt have a name.  the three Kaleidoscopes are almost 40 inches wide and one small one split in the corners and all 4 made out of the same fabrics , just different little pieces ,She started in my head when I saw a little line drawing of a 3 sectioned ying yang like drawing and thought I need another option too 🙂  

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7 thoughts on “100.000 handstitches

  1. Thanks all , Lisa I dont have pics of stitches but under tags Im Lindas gallery ,lots of pages on that , Ive yet to meet a quilter that is satisfied with her stitches ,I dont think we live that long , I can get it to about 12 a inch but settle for 8 on most items , mostly depending on how many layers I go thru, I think its more important how consistant and even they look than a count, Ive seen online classes teaching Japanese style hand quilting and that is basically what I do , no hoops ,just start in the middle and work out ,I used a old fashion frame from the ceiling for a few years and then the pc pipe hoops for along time and finally learned all that just wasted to much time and didnt make it look any better , I have seen those that say they can do 20 stitches a inch but I dont see many big quilts that they actually finished, I think you develope your own stride and be proud of it ,