#11 stray K series

Finally I got a good pic of one of these Kaleidoscopes .That is the part that is the hardest to do , This is #11 of a 4ft by 4ft series Ive been doing the last 6 months, They are all one of a kind designs that even I can not recreate ,all cut out one piece at a time and hand sewed and quilted ,this one has over 300 pieces some more and some a little less , I own lots of quilt friends at home and on the net and love them all and the feedback I get from them but I only have one Kaleidoscope hero Paul Nadelstern ,If you dont know her work you should google images they will blow you away ,she is in a class of her own but I would like to tell you she is also a very nice person who takes time for me all the time on email for years now and has helped me so much , her last comment left me speechless on this series she said " Now your making me jealous"   wow  I could only wish 🙂  

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4 thoughts on “#11 stray K series

  1. I absolutely love this quilt. It’s what I want to do but when I look at Paula’s books, I freak out. Getting small pieces to fit are part of my problem.

  2. Paulas books freaked me out too ,so beautiful so detailed .I got the basic concept from them but didnt have the types of fabric she had or the mind to see the future she seems to have .I couldnt do the small weird little pieces on a sewing machine either but by hand they are easy no dreaded Y seems and all that  she says Ive come up with a all new genre of kaliedoscopes because I couldnt do them like her which is cool too