#2 Hot glue stamp with fabric paint on dyed muslin

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3 thoughts on “#2 Hot glue stamp with fabric paint on dyed muslin

  1. okay, what I did was use a hot glue gun and did some designs on plexi as per the book instead of using craft foam. I had a bunch of plexiglas sheets that I never used from I can’t remember what.  I drew different designs that Interested me.  I discovered that for this applications fat, thick lines and globs worked better than skinny and thin.  I didn’t worry about strings. I let it cool completely.  I did not have any dye handy so I used fabric paint and Lumiere that I had left over from silk screening with muslin. I had recently dyed a bunch of muslin with Adirondack color wash.  I used that since it was handy and didn’t have to root around for stuff.  I used a cheap foam brush and slathered the fabric paint on.  I didn’t worry if it got on the plexiglas. I put a large sheet of plexiglas with a sheet of red rosin paper for drips.  With the stamp face up, I laid the fabric on top of it. Instead of using a brayer (like the books says), I used my hands and gently pressed the fabric into the stamp and formed the fabric around the texture of the stamp. Yes, my hands got paint all over them once the paint absorbed through the fabric.  I then lifted straight off and left it somewhere to dry. The trick is to have a lot of paint on the stamp for the fabric to pick up. If I only had a thin layer on the stamp, then the fabric absorbed it all in and did not get a good print.  I think that using my hands and forming the fabric around the stamp texture gives it the more uneven organic look that the brayer cannot give it.  I will have to try it next time with a brayer and see if my theory is crap or not. Clean-up was easy. I just ran it under warm water and gave it a little rub.

    Thanks for the kind comments