3 Red Birds and Wisteria Vines

This is an original hand painted silk art quilt. I painted the background then the flowers and birds were painted on on another piece of silk, cut ourt and appliqued onto the background.

 Extensive free motion  thread painting was also used to add details and depth to the picture.

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6 thoughts on “3 Red Birds and Wisteria Vines

  1. I love this piece.  You have inspired me to try silk painting again.  The painting suggests the shapes and the quilting defines them.  I see how this frees you.  What silk paint do you use?

  2. I have several tutorials on silk painting on my art blog asianartandquilts.com. Allso one of my interviews is  with Denise Tallon Havlon who is a master at silk painting, there is a link to an online interview on Bonnie McCaffery’s site with Denise, where she expalins the process really well too. I also have an interview  with Tracy McCabe Stewart .and  a link to her site-lots of info there as well .BTW-I mostly use Seta transparents, you’ll need the thickener from Pueblo as well. Have fun!