30" sq Kaleidoscope

the first in the next series , all handmade original design and fussy cut

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3 thoughts on “30" sq Kaleidoscope

  1. I really like this art work, the colors I think are strong, but I really like strong colors ‘cos they are powerful and they make a bold statement.  You do the kaliedescope art very well and I wish I could do them too, but I am not a traditinal quilter at all. Its nice meeting you, and I can’t wait to see more of your designs.  Good Job!

  2. Man ole man Braidandstitch what a great word Powerful , I love it . I only hope those that comment on my Ks would know how much their encouragment means to me.My stomping grounds are so rural and traditional that those around here just stare and dont say much which I have come to understand but to have this forum to step out and get feedback from all around the world means so much to me, its much to simple a word but I dont know another so Thanks 🙂 Linda