39 Challenge

This is my final piece for our BeeArty group challenge for the upcoming Broward Quilt Expo in March.  Our group decided on a challenge art piece from any book or magazine located on page 39.  The art piece is about how we each interpret the picture on page 39.  I can't wait to see every one's piece hanging as a group at the show.

My art piece is from the National Geographic magazine.  A photographer was shooting a herd of hippos and caught full face one hippo with it's mouth wide open and the caption read "Read My Lips"  I said I need look no further, I found my page.  everyone laughed.  This art piece is me, pink and bling!  It measures 36 wide by 18 long with beads.

Enjoy 🙂 Marlin Williams- Miami,FL

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One thought on “39 Challenge

  1. Your work is wonderful.  I look at this piece and just smile.  Thank you.  You have made my day very bright and happy.


    Mary Rife

    West Carrollton, Ohio