#4 in stray K series

for the last couple months Ive been working on a series of 4 ft sq kaleidoscope quilts , all completely hand worked, all close to the same size all with the same number of slices and the same oval quilting which shows up real nice in the corners of these quilts,  I started quilting almost 20 yrs ago when all I heard in my antique shop was that 'No one hand quilts anymore' like a red flag to a bored bull . I know in a High Tech world handquilting seems like a old fashioned ideal but to me it has been the most liberating thing I have ever found to do, It is not tedious or take any longer than fooling with a sewing machine and my fondest wish is that more quilters would just try it 

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3 thoughts on “#4 in stray K series

  1. Your kaleidoscope quilts are stunning – I’m reminded of my trip to Italy when I view them.   I also love handquilting – but after 20 years – I have arthritis is my hands and am no longer able to do it.  I begrudgingly learned to machine quilt (poorly) and although I like the finished product, I don’t like the activity – hand quilting was serene and machine quilting is stressful.