#5 stray Kaleidoscope finished

this is #5 its about 4 ft sq and all handmade like the rest,   #6 is being quilted now 😉

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4 thoughts on “#5 stray Kaleidoscope finished

  1. Thanks Dale as always you make my day too 🙂  I think #6 is pretty awesome too should be done in a few days , this series is so much fun it may go one forever, 


  2. Me too Miz , I have a cat walk in a historical building in Ardmore Okla the Wine Gallery half way between Dallas and Ok City , and it does look great but so small that I have 3 times as many ,They become something alive when you get them all together but I have never seen all of them together at once properly displayed and so wish to some day ,Pictures are great but good pictures are very hard to get of quilts they just dont show the depth of them,the sparkle ,the way the eye flutters to try to see them properly ,and the feel of them, A quilt must be touched to hear what it has to say too,