50 Trees

This is a queen size quilt top, each square displays a unique tree.  Most squares include embroidery.  I have yet to decide how best to quilt top to back.  Do I do Pine tree shapes at the seams or try swirls, or a simple stitch.  this quilt is for my daughter and her husband started December 2010.  This quilt will compliment the stockings and tree skirt already made and embellished with these unique trees 🙂  


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About TrunkShow

I started embroidering under my Grandmother's tutelage at 7. Watching my grandmother create was mesmerizing. She was fastidious, determined, and had a great eye for detail. Her hats made of pheasant feathers were created one feather at a time. So I took that knowledge and quilted my first scrap piece at 14, a bolero so popular in the late sixties. I have dabbled with various media but always return to quilting. My Michigan roots draw me to nature and architecture, country and city:)

5 thoughts on “50 Trees

  1. I’m no expert, but I would just repeat the outline of the tree in each block, and stop at the edge of the square. Keep each square separate, if you know what I mean. Or do swirls around each of the trees to look like snow blowing around. Maybe even a rolling hill under the tree.

  2. Thanks Yvonne, Love your ideas!! I think I may do all of those things. Some squares would be suited for the outlining, some squares would look beautiful with swirls and a landscape would be a beautiful back drop for the bigger squares. Since the trees are all different it may be bext to retain that with a square-centric theme:) How interesting for the wiewer!! I think my grandson would love it! I better get going on this or it will never be done!!!