9 plus 1

I finally got to see all 10 of my series of 9 kalidescope quilts together and they were amazing, they were hypnotic .I plan to try now to get better quality pics and maybe make a slide show at least, and a place to show them, my gallery downtown is full and has no place for them , I would love to have people pick their favorite , from what I can get so far everyone would pick a differant one,

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3 thoughts on “9 plus 1

  1. Thanks I took these pics with a little cheap camera in my house but want to  try to get better pics and make a slide show video of them Ive talked to a local gallery and they may find time for them sometime and my ‘other’ is talking to a artist in NYC that thinks she might know someone and says she doesnt see many quilt shows there, Theres a place called deep elam down in dallas that has a co-opt of artist that I should contact about them I guess but the whole process of getting them shown somewhere is one I know very little about ,The thought of just letting them sit out here in the boonies is depressing to me better they were showed at schools or anywhere than that ,Thanks for the encouraging words 🙂

  2. I love the one in the middle (of the group of 9) and the one on the bottom right (yellow background).  I would have to say the one on the yellow background is my favorite.  These are amazing.  


    Lori H.