911 bargello quilt

in 2001 I was still doing traditional quilts but sitting in southern Okla watching 911 happening moved me somewhere eles in my quilting life.I took out everything I could find in my stash that looked ethnic in any way and made this quilt to look like all the buildings in NYC with two large spikes in the middle for the twin towers,I was moved by the humanity of all the souls in NYC that day and hope they know the whole country was .We havent forgotten and never will.

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4 thoughts on “911 bargello quilt

  1. OkieLinda ,

    You inspired me to put my 9-11 quilt up too.  It was my first quilt so it is not amazing but it is wonderful to me and started me on to an amazing journey.  It is better than medication  And my stash is now bigger than a small quilt shop.  Sad but true.