a common language

screenprint made with freezer paper on a silkscreen, printed with discharge on prociondeyed fabric



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2 thoughts on “a common language

  1. Great title! I’d love to g=hear the stroy behind it. What size is the piece and do you have a close-up pic? The quilting lines in the background seem to duplicate the “letters”? in the middle.

  2. Hi Nancy,


    It’s only 30 x 30 cm. I call it a common language as they are symbols made up by myself, they don’t have any meaning, it’s a language no one understands and that’s what makes it a thing in common for everybody. Quite a confusing story perhaps,

    anyway thanks for your nice comment. It’s actually a random shape as a result from pulling the discharge paste

    over the screen, it didn’t touch the fabric everywhere, that’s why it’s not a square shape (from the square screen).