"A Lot of Fun" by Alyse Axford and Katherine Rushing

Quilter in Distress: Alyse Axford
Rescuer: Katherine Rushing

"A Lot of Fun" • 24" x 24"

Alyse: "This UFO was a challenge art quilt with my quilt club (Ever Green) and our sister quilt club in Canada (Peace Arch). The blue, green, gold fabric was given to us to use. We had to use one of our initials to make a quilt. This was my first one that I tried but did not really like so I made another one that was a different technique which I now hang in my house. This UFO has been hanging on my design wall since 2006. I am unhappy with the design because it is too plain and not cartoony, as I am! I was thinking about adding my clown initials to it because that is who I am. Clown name "Zig Zag."

Katherine: "I so enjoyed finishing this quilt. When I received this UFO my mind and fingers drew out the design. I love to do quilts and this one sprang to life while I was watching TV. From there I decided to construct it via paper piecing which was a first for me. This quilt was square all around the first time out, which allowed its construction to be fairly easy. The fabrics were selected as I went along so I had no idea how the quilt was going to look until it was all done."


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8 thoughts on “"A Lot of Fun" by Alyse Axford and Katherine Rushing

  1. Nita, view it as a 9-patch.  I essentially built each of the 9 blocks and then just put them together in rows.  This is probably the squarest quilt top I’ve every constructed, which I attribute to the paper piecing method.  The points within the brown border are built into the border itself, as I had to paper piece a portion of it in order to get the points in place.  I’ve made 4 kaleidoscope quilt tops previously and all pieces were fussy cut using hand-cut plastic templates.  Constructing this via paper piecing was so much easier and a little more forgiving as I broke a kaleidoscope rule due to a lot of lines coming together in one spot.  That contributes to seaming bulk, but it did not slow me down any when constructing this quilt.  My biggest challenge was figuring out how to paper piece, as I had never done that before this project.  I’m glad you liked it – thanks very much for your wonderful comment.              Katherine Rushing