A mothers love, hope and tears


The back gournd is created by carefully stitching strips of waving  fabrics (13 different fabrics to be exact) sewn horizontally and then top stitched after being slightly gathered, pressed and ruched. 

The eggs lie in a soft bed of fabric and silk threads all top stitched and embellised with antique flowers

The water plant is created with  real silk flowers folded and top stitched

The head is a beak of three red fabric and 2 black fabrics and embellished with top stitching.

glass beads are added to her face and a blue tear to create the illusion of water.

.I created this on my brother sewing machine but OHHH the things I could do with my "Dream Machine" a Bernina!

I hope you enjoy and look forward to comments and ways to improve


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9 thoughts on “A mothers love, hope and tears

  1. I thought the beak was 3-d polymer clay or something – it is exactly what I was going for in my piece Taxi Mom!  I have voted for you and your lovely Mother’s Love, Hope, and Tears – all the more poignant as my 2nd son is approaching age 18 in less than a year!

    Love, Hope, and Tears