A new commision "Abstract Lazy Dasies".

This is a picture that my client sent to me, of her newly  completed art quilt. It was a commissioned  work.

This is where she hung it in her lovely living room.. When her interior designer contacted me on her behalf, she wanted an abstract art quilt that would fit in with her very traditionally styled living room. The room had beatiful greens, pinks with a light touch of yellow. She also loved dasies and sunshine.

With fabric swtches, paint chips and photos in hand,  I set to work designing it.. Finding  the right mixture of abstract, that worked in this very traditional setting presented somewhat of a challenge. We had many communications to & fro and  happily, I was able to come up with a design that we both were happy with, actually all three of us, including her interior designer, who had done the room in which the art quilt would go. She wanted something which would compliment her beautiful work as well.

Everyone was very happy with the finished result. I have had such good experiences working with commissions, so many artists say they don't like doing them, but I really do. The challenge of communicating well enough to get a clear vision of what your client wants, then taking that and making it your own vision.of your work, catching enthusaim, as it becomes yours as well.

I have more on the "making of " on my blog currently, http://asianartandquilts.com

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