"A Random Moment of Opportunity" by Patricia Ann Hobbs and Renee Atkinson

Quilter in Distress: Patricia Ann Hobbs
Rescuer: Renee Atkinson

"A Random Moment of Opportunity" • 15" x 17"

Patricia: This project was inspired by the gorgeous Spoonflower printed fabrics by Winter called "Charted Waters" and "The Gilt Compass." Also in the mix were batiks, bits and pieces of fabric that I rusted. The fabrics suggested a passage of time theme from the ancient rusted artifacts into the future technology. Upon stepping back from the project, I saw that it was too predictable, circular, and lackluster due to missing darker values or an accent color. There seemed to be a lack of one main focal point. A new direction in theme and design was needed, such as a spectacular texture made with thread play, introducing another color or a totally unrelated icon."

Renee: "I loved the UFO swap! When I received the project, I immediately felt an attraction to the piece. I admired the colors and fractal-like shapes. The appliquéd clock faces, leaves, and postage stamp fabric swatches added polarity to the organic quality of the fabric. I approached the UFO by viewing it in three distinct sections: to the circular dyed fractal patterns I added machine quilting, embroidery, and beading. For the appliquéd section I wanted to honor what I thought was the original artist's goal of highlighting the clock face. I added beading to the clock face, added hand embroidery to enhance the veins of the leaves, and added a trellis with green leaves to draw attention to the clock. In the third section I added subtle beading and machine stitching so as not to hide the incredible magic of the shapes and color in the original. Once I was finished embellishing the piece, I searched my stash to find suitable fabrics to complete what I decided to turn into a tote bag. For the back and top edging I settled on a small swirl fabric that was a remnant I had purchased months earlier; the large swirl fabric I had had for about five years. The swirls complement the color tones and various circular shapes of the original piece. The bottom buttons are from my stash. The pocket was a mistake made during my 2010 Thanksgiving table-runner-making spree. I had a great time with my 2-year-old grandson shopping for the perfect handle, a belt sewed together with home décor trim. I wanted to make a tote so the original artist could take her current project in her "random moment of opportunity" she shared with me and share it with others. And thus new growth continues."


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5 thoughts on “"A Random Moment of Opportunity" by Patricia Ann Hobbs and Renee Atkinson

  1. Perfect!  Sometimes you can look at something and know that the artist hit it right on the head – this tote is a perfect match for the UFO that it evoloved from.  When it’s right, you know it immediately.  Great job!                   Katherine Rushing 

  2. Patricia, lots of work went into this piece!, hope you love it!!  I love what you did, just got the magazine today!!  Kind of looks like me, I have a sister named Nan, and I am a bird lover–you did a great job!!

  3. Rene, I didn’t know that we would get each others UFO.  Obviously, you know I was in this just for fun and enjoyment.  Quilting Arts had a great idea here, and I would do it again in a heart beat.  I am thrilled with the tote bag you have finished for me (I’ll take it to the Paducah Quilt Show next April).  I can’t wait to share it all with my quilt guild.  I told them I was going to do this, and they are excited to see the results.  Had I known that you liked beading, I could have added more beads on your UFO.  I  am glad that this web site exists and that the results are posted here because I couldn’t wait to see the outcomes.  Thanks so much, Rene.