A Sea Tossed Ship with The Kraken Lurking.

This is a companion to the other piece, jelly fih in love. This one was comissioned by the same lady, She said I want a Kraken! Well I wasn't sure what it was. But had a fun time creating the Kracken!

In working on this art quilt I was  imagioning the time when travel was a dangerous undertaking and little was known about the world beyond their limited knowledge. Danger lurked in those voyages, storms tossed their little ships about,  unknown monsters lurked and they might drop off the edge of the flat world they imagined to be true.

. Yet, man's thrist ,for knowledge, & need to discover the unknow, had a price to be paid. As the many ships  that littered  the ocean floor testified to.

. The couage  of those who faced  the Kracken is not unlike human's quest to understand his world today. .  Our motives aren't all that different than those early explores, and can range from greed, curiosity or a desire to better the human race. Facing the unknown can also create myths and :"Krackens":for us as well , Our knowledge may change, but human's aren't all that different. ..




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