"A Song for Margaret"

pieced quilt, approx. 2' x 3'


My treeeeeeeasured aunt/friend, Margaret, loooooooooved the colour blue!!  Any & every shade of blue!!  For her 75th birthday, I decided to make a little wall quilt for her using ONLY blue fabrics/fabrics with lots of blues in them.  I was pretty sure she'd be pleased with this little quilt, but I really had nooooo idea of just how much it would delight her!!  On seeing it, she…burst into tears!!  JOY-filled tears!!  She laughed & cried some more & hugged me at least 88,000 times!! She had it on "proud display" – her words – smack dab in the centre of her living room until her death a few years later.  Margaret had 5 kids and I'm terribly touched to say that…they all 'fought over' who got to inherit this wee quilt…Imagine…

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One thought on “"A Song for Margaret"

  1. Bonvoyage Margaret and may your children always be blessed . I gave 12 small quilts for this Christmas to family and was deeply touched in where they all put them like they were something special to them,I love the playfulness of the little gift quilt too, you did a good job with it,