A Vist to Rock River

"A Vist to Rock River" is based on a photograph of the Rock River Resort. It is located in the Upper Peninsula on Lake Superior.  Lake Superior on the quilt is on the upper right hand side of the quilt where there is a sand beach and a small foot bridge.  The reflection was covered with pale blue organza. 

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7 thoughts on “A Vist to Rock River

  1. Hi Deborah,  It is a new McKenna Ryan fabric….it is a wood grain looking fabric and I quilted some of the wood grains.  I will look up the number on the fabric and send it to you this afternoon.  McKenna has several great new woodgrains in differnent color schemes.  Peggy

  2. Hi again Deborah,  Can you take a look at the quilt again and tell me if you think the cottage should have some more flowers closer to the waterwheel????  My eye keeps going to this area and maybe that would give more balance to the cottage……thanks,  Peg

  3. Peggy I had the same reaction.  Maybe some dark flowers on the left side where there is currently a light beige color.  Also,  what would you think of shading the lower planks on the footbridge.  In fact this might be the place to put your darkest dark so that it would contrast nicely with the organza and draw the eye toward the bridge.  I think you would only need a few stitches of very dark charcoal.  However, you would then need to darken the reflection slightly.  I just love your trees — very good use of batik.  Thanks in advance for looking up that wood grain fabric for me.


  4. Hi Deborah,  And thanks for taking a good look at the cottage for me. I will do some adjustments with some flowers and send another photo.  This is going to be in a gallery opening on August 1 and I want this quilt as right as possible.  I also like your idea about the bridge…..I had painted every other board as I put the bridge together…..I could use dark gray thread to accent them…..can’t really change the reflection of the bridge since it is all quilted down……

    Now, I pulled my woodgrain fabric.  It is a batik and it is a McKenna Ryan.  Number BPN003 Walnut.  I got it at http://www.batiksplus.com   they carry all the McKenna fabrics.  I like this woodgrain since it looks like wood and it is a batik.  Happy quilting.  Peggy