A Walk Through Hartwick Pines

This is a smaller version of the original quilt I made for a local art show.  The original quilt sold a week before the show…..and I had to make another.  The quilt was awarded a second place.  The judges didn't like Karen the bear…..and that is okay because I was trying to create the feeling of walking through the woods.  When you walk through the woods you see lots of birds, chipmonks, flowers and hopefully, not Karen the Bear!   

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9 thoughts on “A Walk Through Hartwick Pines

  1. Oh! You portrayed Lady Slippers and Trilium! Such torture to see these summer beauties while it is snowing, again, outside my window! I like the use of your border, too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Congratulations on your quilt !   I love the bear, my husband &  I do alot of outdoors,  camping and fishing and see alot of bears .  Great job ! 

  3. Peggy, I think I have told you this before, but I’ll say it again.  I love Karen.  She adds interest and she is the darkest thing in the picture, which adds contrast.  Also, I love the cardinals and the pine tree on the horizon.  Very well done!

  4. Thank you all for your comments…..Deborah, I love Karen the bear and the story that goes with her….she is now dead, but her children live on in the Hartwick PInes.  I had to bite my tough when a lady called Karen a dark blotch on the quilt.  I thank you for all your guidance with the original Hartwick PInes quilt. And I thank you for giving me a critic of this quilt and Karen the bear.  The quilt now lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I am a super happy quilter.  Thanks everyone for taking a look and giving me input.  Peggy

  5. I didn’t really notice Karen the Bear until I got to that part of your description. Mostly I am pulled into the center of the scene, as you were successful in showing dimension. But I don’t find the bear a distraction or detraction. Maybe a little racoon peeking out from behind the tree inviting us into the scene? Overall though– it is really a nice peice and I am glad you got some recognition for it!

  6. There is a chipmunk sitting on the fallen tree in the forefront.  And then there is a squirrel that is quilting on the lower border.  I quilted the squirrel instead of applique it,  so that the quilt would not be too busy….but the squirrel is there.  Thanks everyone for your comments.