Abstract Random Grid

This is a small art quilt using scraps layered on top of each other, Fabric is rust dyed enhanced with Lumiere paint stamped  to create interest   and scraps of batik fabric. Is the orientation correct  and what can be done to pop it?

Mary Ann

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5 thoughts on “Abstract Random Grid

  1. How about cutting some sheet of copper?  You can get it from art supply places…cut with tin snips or utility scissors, and can c ouch it down or poke a hole or two with an awl, the use beads to s ew it on.  I can see windstreams of copper bits or found metal objects swirling across…..

    The one skinny bit on the right might be shortened… I realy think it works well the way it pokes out, but maybe not so much?

    And do you want an extension on the left side? Maybe the upper left corner?

    I am terrible at abstracts myself, and I think the overall balance on this one works quite well…keep going! Cheers, Sarah


  2. I really like this Mary Ann but you are right, it needs pop.  Shades of red work really well with ochres, your patterned fabric has a rusty red (? that’s what it looks like on my monitor) you could stay near this colour.  If you put some paint on a plaette and match it to the leaf colour, then add a warm red until you have a more popping colour and hold swatches over the quilt to see if that adds something.  It could be added as a set of small stamped circles, or in fact, if you like hand stitching, you could try some over-sized running stitch in a red.  Moving the green shade behind the leaf print to a more clear colour may work to, (as in using the same swatch technique I mentioned for the red not removing what you have!)Just try and remember that balance is important, and I agree with Sarah that the overhang is a bit long.  With unusual additions it is always good to ask yourself “What is this adding to my piece?”

    Having said that I reiterate that I love it, your randomly cross hatchedmarks look wonderful, and the fabrics are all interesting enough to draw you in.  Well done.  I would love to see this finished.

  3. Hi Mary Ann,

    I love the piece just the way it is. I find it soft and soothing with just enough interest. I love the idea of dying with rust. And I do love batik so I like the insertion of that for just enough contrast.

    I’ve only just begun my foray back into the world of sewing myself after too, too many years. It’s a whole new world out there for me and I feel quite torn with all the different mediums but I’m sure as I find my way I will find focus.

    I’d love to “befriend” you if you’re interested in making some connections. I’ll make a request and see what happens.

    Bonnie Jackson 

  4. You might want to consider using the brown/cranberry from the leave design, and create just a few slightly larger 3 petal leave groupings and place in several positions (I don’t think I would use more than 5 or 7 depending on the size.) Then have framed with the same color matting overlapped by a gold/rust colored mat.  Say the brown/cranberry mat only showing about 1/3 of the gold (a small thin line of brown/cranberry compared to the gold/rust), in a black or brown frame.