Adventures in Surface Design: Screen Printing & Beyond

Learn Kerr’s basic strategies for quick and successful mark making, and use them to develop your own unique vocabulary. Kerr starts by providing a thorough introduction to basic screen printing and an overview of her favorite materials. You will learn to make and use paper stencils; discover how to design an overall pattern using a simple repeat; and create simple two-color prints. All of these techniques are methods for creating simple background images that can be worked back into. Then, using media such as Caran d’Ache Neocolor pencils, pastels, and more, Kerr demonstrates how to make this “fugitive” media permanent on fabric and other substrates. Finally, you’ll learn how to work back into your pieces, as Kerr shares tips from her vast experience for adding just the right final touches. Learn quick and accessible strategies for making marks that speak to you, and start expressing yourself in your artwork.

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One thought on “Adventures in Surface Design: Screen Printing & Beyond

  1. I just purchased this workshop and just watched it for the first time. WOW! Kerr is a great instructor and I cannot wait to try these techniques. Kerr’s work is beautiful!