African Dreams

This quilt began after making a couple of Convergence Quilts (Ricky Timms).  I wanted to do something a little different with lots of plain spaces for quilting, stenciling, painting, etc.  Where did I go wrong, thats what I would like to know!

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6 thoughts on “African Dreams

  1. Wow. 

    quilting on the plain sections in grey/white to echo the ladies dresses.

    Do you need to echo the pink colour up in the top righthand corner? either stitching or painting?

    I think it could do with a border to hold you in, my ‘eye’ keeps flying off the edges and have to start again, rather than being led across from one part to another.


  2. This piece has so many elements that I think are just wonderful.  I love the color choices, the movement, the depth and the energy of the piece.    The only criticism I have is that in the center where the black background piece  for the figures stops the eye with that strong straight line.    I would love to see the pink band that goes across the black piece continue to flow into the center of the quilt and the black to have some curved edges along with it.  It just seems a little clumsy at the point.  I can actually see two quilts in this piece if it were split down the middle so I suppose that would be another option.  Maybe hanging side by side as two separate pieces?  Thanks for sharing this piece and giving us the opportunity to be art critics.  I’ve learned a lot from studying this piece.  Thanks

  3. I just love your colours and choice of fabrics.  I agree with the other comments re highlighting the women with quilting so they become the focal point as your eye right now is drawn in many different directions.  The centre seam is very prominent as all the shapes show a break at the centre.  The black shape that swoops up from the left to the right almost does it but because there is a straight line jog in the centre, I am reminded that there is a seam there.  The left half of the quilt is outstanding and needs nothing for improvement.   What about an applique on the centre black piece (like the snake and zigzag appliques) that crosses over the centre line and perhaps another one that comes down from the top on the piece with the ladies.  I think this piece will be a stunner when finished.


  4. Hi, the colors and quilt are beautiful. I also see two quilts here. How about a series of wall quilts? Or, even add another section to get a series in one? This seems to be part of a story. I really don’t know what the next part should be. I see a safari and then 3 ladies…hmm still don’t know…so throwing ideas or “wild thoughts!” How about family scene? Anyone ideas for another section? It seems we like things in 3’s. What are the men doing? Children? Safari, women, and what? would really bring it together?

    Super nice!

  5. Hi Louise,

    This quilt is so unique & interesting, with the negative & positive spaces.  I am amazed with the concept! 

    You probably have this finished by now, with all the wonderful comments people have given you.  My comment is about balance. Evaluating your composition, with the bright mostly on the left & the darker on the right, a simple solution could be done with a border.  When you add the border, reverse the bright colors on the right border and make the left border dark, using the same colors you have in your quilt all ready.   So in the border when the quilt part touches the border, use the opposite color in the border.  A bonus to this is, you continue the design but not the color.  You could even but a small spacer between the border, like gold or a small design print that will standout.

    Several times I have started a quilt without deciding how it’s going to be finished.  When this happens I audition different border ideas, taking pictures of each idea, (lest I forget) then on my computer I pick the one I like best. 

    Have fun.  Is there any place to see your finished project when it’s done?