After the Spring Shower

After I silk painted the background, I was thought and thought,  how to best use this peice of  silk. What  subject matter would fit it the best? The green at the bottom , suggested water to me, and I was off and running.  What would grow there, what would  live there? I drew these on another piece of silk and appliqued` them on.  I  thought the sky looked as if there were a few raindrops,but it was sunny,  a spring shower! Light rain through the sunlight, over quickly and refreshing. That's how. "After the Spring Shower" was concieved. .I used thread painting to create detail and quilting to add to the design.

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4 thoughts on “After the Spring Shower

  1. I love this – what a lot of work you have put into it.  Thank you for sharing it.  I haven’t done any silk painting but hope to get round to doing it one of these days.  So many other projects to do!!  Happy stitching.