Alhambra Blues

In okt.2010 I visited the Alhambra in Spain.  The Moorish decoration patterns inspired me to make this quilt.

120x 120cm. Made of several blue silk fabrics, hand dyed lace and beads.

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2 thoughts on “Alhambra Blues

  1. It’s a joy to see some new art from you ! I like your square patterns a lot and silk is a fantastic cloth . By the way, as you were in the south of Spain, why didn’t you come and see me ? it would be fun to meet us. Granada is only 2 hours from here by car ! now, I’m going to Paris in february for http://www.salondelaiguilleenfê, a huge meeting place for all crafts and textile arts. Wouldn’t you come ? this year, the theme is lace. I’ll be accompanying a group of 21 bobbin lace makers from Marbella.