Alikin’s Alley Cat

This was made from a picture taken by a friend and used with her permission. It is thread painted and then appliqued on to the background. It measures 9 3/4" wide by 12 1/2" long.

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10 thoughts on “Alikin’s Alley Cat

  1. So realistic,  this has really inspired me…what a patience you have to do such a painting with thread…hours of work & not to mention all the thread….I am looking forward to your multiple printing.

  2. What a beautiful work of art-and an outstanding background to feature the threadwork of kitty so nicely!

    How did you do your threadwork on the kitty though? It looks so perfect! Did you use a foundation fabric and do the threadwork on top, or put some type of heavier foundation material over the fabric-or not, or perhaps use solvy? Or did you use other materials? My threadwork always puckers when I try to get this kind of density done on a piece…and this is after trying everything as a foundation, after several layers of foundations and/or interfacings, over the top and bottom of the fabric, and trying differing materials as well…and using a high end machine- which i thought could do anything!! (not when I am driving it, I guess!) But, yours looks so very smooth and even, bravo!!

    Any hints as to how you accomplished this lovely piece, or what materials you might have used?