Anne Boleyn

My portrait of Anne Boleyn, second and most famous wife of Henry VIII of England. Anne is painted in acrylic. Her headdress is collaged from a reproduction of a letter from Henry to her, declaring his undying love. Other paper and ink elements are used in the piece, including a reproduction of Anne's signature, "Anne the Quene,"

The size is 12" square and the support is a cradled wood panel.

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3 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn

  1. Your portrait of Anne is better than Holbein’s, the court portrait painter.  I say this because he made all of Henry’s wives look just the same.  You made Anne’s soul come right through her eyes and look at the world again.  The head dress is perfect, how it disapears into the background, yet is appropriate for the dress of the era.  I really enjoy this one.  Linnet