Another portrait in my gallery..

This is my daughter-in-law's portrait (Delphine), Amaury's mother, for those who follow my family gallery…I'm trying to use other fabrics each time,and that's not so easy ! free motion stitching and some paint touch….

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5 thoughts on “Another portrait in my gallery..

  1. Hello again!

    Are you also good in drawing portrets? It seems that you’ve really got the feeling for it! I like the colors in this one. The hair is really awesome.

    Difficult to find matching colors, I agree. But your work is  very a live! I hope you have a large family…

    Greetings, Anneke

  2. Hello, Anneke !

    thanks for your comment.  You’re right I’ve always loved drawing portraits,and Maria Elkins’ method gave me the opportunity to translate them into quilts ! Other family members are waiting for their portraits, be sure of it !

    Greetings from Spain, Josette.