Aquarius Mermaid Quilt

Everyone wonders where the inspiration for a quilt comes from , this one is from talking quilts here on the forum , I have a video of the making up on the home page

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8 thoughts on “Aquarius Mermaid Quilt

  1. Hi Linda, I havent visited here for a long while. and when I did I saw this beauty! My husband had a gallbladder attack and pancreatitis the last week of June had surgery to remove gallbladder so I was not checking back to QA. Last night I saw you had posted a comment back that I had not responded to. Just wanted you  to know why I wasnt around. He is having colon surgery next week (when it rains it pours!!!) not cancer thank God but has to be done. I have been sewing up a storm throughout all this trauma. I will post some new pics soon.

     I left you a comment on your page yesterday. Don’t know if you got it, so here it is again.

    Yesterday my sister was in Ardmore, she told me she saw so many pretty quilts displayed at the Winery. Boy was she surprised when I told her I knew who made them! What a surprise, she said we will go over some time so  I can see them in person.


  2. Hi , I got your note in my email and responded back to it, dont  know how this thing all works either, sorry to hear about your husband , I never found a good one and cant imagine having one ill. I dont get much feedback from other quilters so will love to have you look at them, any kind of added stress causes my quilting to go into overdrive , lots of stress lots of quilts 🙂