Asian Wedding

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6 thoughts on “Asian Wedding

  1. I would appreciate any critique, I feel like there is something wrong with this and would like to correct it before going on.   Thanks.



  2. I’m not sure either, but maybe there aren’t enough of value differences in the background. Or maybe the background needs more color. But not too much or the figures won’t stand out like they do now. I like the figures very much the way they are and the tree peaking out is good, too. One more thing… maybe extend the shadow under the figures to stretch more to the lower left to balance out the tree trunk more.

  3. Hi, Jakquil.  I have traced your figures onto tracing paper so I could move them around.  They are almost spot on  in the rule of thirds area. (You might have moved them 1/8 to 1/4 in to the left, but that really doesn’t make much difference.)  I also drew two grids in different colors over your picture; 1 for the actual picture size and one for the white surrounding area.  Both grids point to the same area.  Given that you are approximately at eye level with the figures, the amount of snowy ground is appropriate.  The area that suffers in both grids is the upper background.  The horizon line is non-existent.  The tree doesn’t appear to contribute because it is not visually anchored.  The snow on the umbrella has an area above it that suggests a hill or mountain in the distance.  I would utilize that shape by extending its downward line to just below both figures shoulders.  That would give you a suggestion of a horizon line and make better use of the negative space behind the figures.  The tree base would fall approx at the horizon line and would appear more anchored.  There would even be an opportunity to place a line suggesting a smaller hill on the left to offset the weight of the tree.  The changes suggested would require you to change the color of the fabric above the new horizon line to differentiate it from the middle area of the scene. 

    Tracing paper is a great tool to help you audition objects for balance and composition before committing to a final placement.  Taking a photo and cutting out the figures and auditoning the shape on various fabrics and in different locations on your background can help a lot……Jim D 

  4. I would frame the quilt with even a small inner border.   Audition some of the colors you used in the girls and want to highlight.  I love the figures.  I want something in the lower left corner or something that makes your eye follow the diagonal.  But then I really feel that all you need to do is look at it on and off for a few days, open your mind and let your muse take over.  It is funny how that always works best for me.  And don’t question your muse. That’s what makes your work yours.

    Have a wonderfully creative day


  5. This piece is so beautiful and so very different from the sunset. I have a few old tea pots around the house with chineese figures on them and yours are just wonderful. I think that if you’d made the tree on the right side come down and root at the feet of the figures and then extend a willow looking or maybe a maple looking branch over the top or even some kind of blossomed branch that may help.  The tea pot has a lot of flowers and butterflies and is very busy. Your piece seems to be very peaceful so I think less is best no matter what you add.