Aussie Outbacker

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11 thoughts on “Aussie Outbacker

  1. This is raw edge applique. However I only used invisible monofilament thread to quilt as I didn’t want to detract from the subject. i used coloured pencils to sketch the face and the shading in the shirt. The face, arms etc were made from a piece of rust dyed fabric that a friend sent me. I loved the variations and knew it would be just the right fabric for this piece.

    He s very typical of the blokes you meet out in the country, usually on sheep stations.

  2. Exquisite use of shading with the colored pencils. Would love to see some details of the face and shirt so we can get up close and personal. Well done!

  3. Magnificent!  I particularly like your color choices and use of value.  I, too, would like to see a close up of the face.  What is the size of the quilt?