Autumn Birch Trees

I wanted to try doing a quilted wall hanging where I could use not only fabric, but also play with fabric paint,  permanent pens, both metallic and regular, and incorporate oil pastels.  I drew along the right sides of the trunks with a black felt tip pin and emphasized the left side of the trees with a white-out pen. I added the oil pastels in the form of olive green moss on the trunks. I also used a black sharpee to draw in background tree trunks in the shadows. I highlighted them with the oil pastels and the metallic pens.

Considering this is my first attempt using art pens, I'm happy with the result. I've gained confidence in this adventure and look forward to more daring attempts.

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2 thoughts on “Autumn Birch Trees

  1. I’m not too sure of the border either!… My husband made a frame and the brown part wraps around the frame. So that part is diminished a lot. The yellow is a Stonehenge marble print that I’m not completely sold on… But, it is all mounted and sitting in a gallery hoping to sell. I priced it for $92. The whole piece is 22″x24″.  We’ll see. 

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Hugs from Mary